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Middle School


Brain- Based Writing Practices

Students will participate in brain-based writing and grammar strategies that take them through the writing process: pre-writing through publishing. Students will receive valuable feedback from the instructor and peers throughout the course.

June 11-13 from 1-3pm, 

June 18-20 from 2-4pm OR 

July 30-Aug 1 from 10-12pm

Ages: 5-8th Grade

Cost: $300/ Week

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Study Skills Escape Room

Students will be immersed in interactive challenges and puzzles to reinforce essential study skills. From time management and note-taking to active reading and exam preparation, students will navigate through a labyrinth of clues and obstacles, putting their newfound skills to the test in a race against the clock.

June 18-20 from 12-2pm

Ages: 5-8th Grade

Cost: $300/ Week

Students Taking Exams

ISEE Strategy Course

This 9 hour course is an deeper dive into our proprietary ISEE Strategy content. Throughout this course, students will delve into each section of the ISEE –  gaining a comprehensive understanding of the test format, question types, and scoring criteria.

July 30- Aug 1 from 10-1pm

Ages: Entering 8th Grade

Cost: $600/ Week


Problem Solving with Deidre

Throughout this course, students will engage in various hands-on activities and real-world situations to develop their problem-solving skills. This dynamic and interactive course is designed to equip students with the problem-solving skills necessary to tackle challenges confidently and creatively.

June 18-20 from 10-12pm

Ages: 5-8th Grade

Cost: $300/ Week

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Welcome to Middle School! 

This course is designed to prepare incoming middle schoolers for the upcoming school year. It will offer practical study and executive functioning skills such as Email, teacher, and peer etiquette to set a successful foundation for students’ middle school.

July 30- Aug 1 from 12-2pm

Ages: Entering Middle School

Cost: $300/ Week

Game Strategy Plan

Back to Middle school Bootcamps

One hour, one time!

Get Organized

August 19th from 1-2pm 

Get Planning 

August 18th from 2-3pm 

Note Taking 

August 18th from 3-4pm 

Brain-Friendly Study Strategies

August 18th from 4-5pm


Middle School Math Fundamentals 

Students will embark on an exciting journey to master the foundational concepts of mathematics in preparation for higher-level learning. This course provides a comprehensive exploration of key mathematical topics, emphasizing both conceptual understanding and practical application.

June 25-27 from 12-2pm OR

July 16-18 from 10-12pm

Ages: 5-8th Grade

Cost: $300/ Week

Student Classroom Desks

ISEE Strategy


This 6 hour course is an introduction into our proprietary ISEE Strategy content, introducing students to the structure of the test and teaching them strategies for how to approach each section. 

June 11-13 from 10-12pm OR

July 30- Aug 1 from 1-3pm

Ages: Entering 8th Grade

Cost: $450/ Week

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