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High School

Summer Enrichment with Academic Independence

Math Notebook and Calculator

High School Math Fundamentals

Students will embark on an exciting journey to master the foundational concepts of mathematics in preparation for higher-level learning. This course provides a comprehensive exploration of key mathematical topics, emphasizing both conceptual understanding and practical application.

July 9-11 from 10-12pm OR

July 23-25 from 10-12pm 

Cost: 300/ Week

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The Brain Explained: Anxiety

Empower yourself with knowledge and strategies to navigate the complexities of anxiety. Tailored specifically for high school students, this course offers a comprehensive exploration of the brain, equipping students with valuable insights and practical tools to manage stress and promote mental well-being.

July 23-25 from 1-3pm 


Cost: 300/ Week

Outdoor Reading

Critical Reading Skills

Learn how to read and think critically about the school texts you have for class. We’ll teach you how to annotate effectively, find themes and connections, and identify literary devices in your academic readings for English and history.

June 25-27 from 1-3pm 

Cost: 300/ Week

Reading a Book


Embark on an epic literary voyage through the timeless classics of world literature in our immersive summer book club. This course invites rising 9th grade students to explore the rich tapestry of human experience through engaging discussions, creative activities, and a shared love of great literature.


June 12, 19, 26 from 2-3:30pm OR

July 9, 23, 30 from 3-4:30pm 


Cost: 300/ Month



Students will participate in brain-based writing and grammar strategies that take them through the writing process: pre-writing through publishing. Students will receive valuable feedback from the instructor and peers throughout the course.

June 11-13 from 1-3pm 


Cost: 300/ Week

Tutoring Session


Designed for high school students with varying proficiency levels, this program offers a comprehensive and interactive approach to mastering Mandarin language skills while exploring Chinese culture, history, and traditions. Great for students who need review before going into the next school year. 

July 31- August 1 from 1-2pm


Cost: 300/ Week

Solving Questions

ACT 101 Bootcamps

Get ready to supercharge your ACT preparation and conquer the exam with confidence in our intensive boot camp, ACT 101 series. Designed for high school students aiming to excel on the ACT, this fast-paced and comprehensive program provides a strategic approach to mastering key concepts, sharpening test-taking skills, and maximizing scores.

ACT Grammar 101 Bootcamp

Tuesdays throughout the Summer (SELECT ONE)

June 11, 18 or 25 from 10-12pm 

July 9 or 16th from 10-12pm 

ACT Math 101 Bootcamp

Wednesdays throughout the Summer (SELECT ONE)

June 12, 19 or 26 from 10-12pm 

July 10 or 17th from 10-12pm


ACT Strategy 101 Bootcamp

Thursdays throughout the Summer (SELECT ONE)

June 13, 20 or 27 from 10-12pm 

July 11 or 18th from 10-12pm 

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