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We have interventionists certified to work with students with the following learning differences:

  • Dyslexia

  • Dyscalculia

  • ADHD

  • Dysgraphia

  • Autism

  • Executive Functioning Challenges

Additionally, we have consultants well-versed in IEP and 504 paperwork to help ensure smooth ARD meetings.

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Study skills and self-regulated learning (SRL) do not come naturally for all students. Self-regulation -- along with the other executive functions -- are hosted in the pre-frontal cortex, the most coachable part of the brain.


Although we are not born with these skills, with the right kind of practice and effective habits, we can acquire them. Self-regulated learning is a process that empowers students to continuously improve their strategy use by monitoring their behaviors and associating them with academic results. 


Our Study Skills Coaches have earned a certification for 40+ hours of training from Lauren Price, Director of Academic Independence. Coaches focus on empowering each student to reach their personal best by harnessing the power of self-regulated learning and executive functioning skills when studying.

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Our coaches evaluate each student to accomplish the following:
  • Identify motivations, mindset, thinking profile and study habits

  • Set appropriate goals

  • Proper utilization of all resources available

  • Establish organizational and planning routines

  • Incorporate a variety of methods to improve results

  • Monitor progress

  • Improve motivation

Each semester, Academic Independence opens up a limited number of spots for students to be considered for our Executive Functioning Coaching program, a unique blend of study skills, self-regulated learning, and executive functioning coaching.


Due to the rigors of the curriculum, we require a commitment on the part of students and parents to be open-minded and willing to try new techniques and strategies. Moreover, students will be required to meet at least ten times during the first semester with their coach to allow for ample practice of strategies using our scaffolded approach, giving students the confidence to employ the concepts independently.

The overall goal of the program is to achieve academic independence through the authentic implementation of our methods using the student's classwork at school.

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