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Doing Homework

"Thanks again all for recognizing my son.  He's really working hard and has so much more confidence and I can't commend your team enough for that.  We came to Academic Independence right on time and the refocus and help has made all the difference for my son."

Female Students

Our tutor is amazing. I wish we had discovered her earlier. She is able to provide insight into class materials and key concepts to grasp. Then she follows up with an email with the recap of the session. It’s invaluable and so grateful for her help.

"We have been so pleased with our experience at Academic Independence. The tutors have been fantastic - extremely adept at their subjects and sensitive to the learning style of our student, tailoring lessons to his needs each week. We really appreciated the extras that AI offers - study groups, exam prep and coaching on how to stay organized and up to date throughout the semester. Our student saw his confidence grow and his grades improve; we absolutely recommend Academic Independence and their terrific staff."

School Kids

"AI is not only helping my son with English, but more importantly with his executive functioning skills. I'm able to take a step back, which is a big weight off my shoulders."

Smiling Student Sitting At Desk

" My son is doing better academically! Consistency is the key. He was provided with the tools he needed to be successful in reading comprehension and History essay writing. He will be able to use the feedback from AI moving forward in All of his classes. Thank you for your continued support in my son's academic journey!"

- 8th Grade Parent

- 10th Grade Parent

-9th Grade Parent

-7th Grade Parent

-11th Grade Parent

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