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Academic Independence offers ISEE prep courses and individual tutoring for students. Using the only ERB-Approved ISEE-prep website that tracks results and provides thousands of practice problems broken down by skill and difficulty level, our ISEE team will work with your student to prepare them to take this challenging test. For more information on the content and structure of the ISEE, visit the ERB’s ISEE Resource site


All Academic Independence ISEE students begin with an online diagnostic test so our team can develop a catered plan for each student’s success.  With our proprietary ISEE Strategy Course content, all students will learn test-taking strategies specific to the ISEE to boost their scores. In addition, one-on-one students will learn how to approach the test’s varied content, with supplementary lessons in areas such as Algebra, Data Analysis, and Reading Comprehension, as they apply to the ISEE. 



As of March 2020, all of our ISEE content has been converted to an interactive digital format, with all courses and tutoring available online. We also have tutors who can work with ISEE Students in person if preferred!



Tutoring is geared specifically to each student’s needs to suit the student’s schedule. We recommend meeting one hour weekly, with another 60-75 minutes a week devoted to practicing the strategies and skills the student learns each session.  



This eight-hour course covers our proprietary ISEE Strategy content, introducing students to the structure of the test and teaching them strategies for how to approach each section. 



  • $150 per hour of instruction

  • Plus Supply Fee for ISEE Content Website and Course Materials:

  • $350 for 3 tests and score-tracking practice-problem database OR

  • $400 for 7 tests, including a retired ISEE test from the ERB, and score-tracking practice-problem database

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