College admissions is competitive and uncertain -
and success on the SAT or ACT exam has a big impact on the admission process.

Academic Independence is ready to help guide you and your student through the testing process. Our system is tailored to each student’s individual needs, even in a group setting.

We analyze your student’s initial exam performance in order to focus on the areas that need improvement.

Students receive personal support during sessions, and access to instant on-line support, available to them at any time. In addition to personalized instruction, each student has access to the following:


  • One-year subscription to our digital component

  • 1600+ practice problems

  • Custom quizzes based on areas of weakness

  • 100+ hours of video solutions

  • Detailed analytical report based on student's progress

  • Extensive data tracking

  • Free proctored exams


Students and parents will also receive daily or weekly progress reports (depending on the course).

Get started today with a FREE proctored practice exam and a score analysis from the SAT/ACT professionals at Academic Independence!


ACT/ SAT One-on-One will be charged an hourly rate of $125

There is a mandatory supply fee of $250 which will include a book, access to all monthly proctored exams, and year-long membership to our digital program with hundreds of hours of video explanations if students get lost on homework assigned by the tutor or would like to work in more depth on certain material.

*Time beyond one year for the digital program will be charged an additional fee*