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Learning can be difficult without the proper tools. Academic Independence offers a variety of tools and techniques to help your student understand and retain information. Our educational consultants and tutors function as helping hands for your child's education by tailoring services to meet your child's specific learning needs.

Academic Independence encourages weekly tutoring to make sure that the students needs are being consistently met through our process of Self Regulated Learning. If a student does not need weekly tutoring, please inquire about study groups.


Placements take an average of 2-3 business days to be completed. If your child is in need of an immediate placement (same day or next day), an Immediate Placement Fee will be added to your account.

Standard Hourly Rate - $110


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We know that everyone would prefer for children to learn in person; however, we want to do it in a way that supports our students while keeping them and our staff safe. After careful consideration, we have come up with the following plan; however, please be mindful that this situation is fluid and could cause changes at any time.

Phase I 

Phase I – Our current phase (please note availability is limited based on tutor schedules and willingness to meet in person)

We will start our re-opening phase in our office.

The plan will consist of 3 tutors working with students in a dedicated office space

from 2 pm to 6 pm, Mon. – Thurs.

- Both students and tutors will be required to wear a mask.

- Cleaning will occur between students.

- Students will wait in the car until their tutor has texted to let them know they can come up.

- Only students will enter the office, parents can escort students to our door, but we ask that they not enter the office to limit the number of people.

- Temperatures will be taken at the door.

- Appointments will be staggered to reduce arrival and departures at the same time.

- No shared supplies – student and tutor must bring all supplies to sessions.

- Families can occupy classrooms together and switch out working

with a tutor while continuing to get work done.

Phase II

At-home tutoring – 3 additional tutors will start with clients

This phase will occur when our Harris County threat level has reduced to Level 3 (Yellow).

- Both students and tutors will wear masks.

- Tutors will screen themselves.


- Clients will screen students and any family members at home.

- If anyone is sick in the house, the cancelation fee will be waived, and the tutor should be notified.

- Preferably, outdoor tutoring would occur when possible.


- Potentially, groups can be arranged if clients have the same level of social distancing and if the tutor and client agree on a safe location.

Phase III

At-home and in-office tutoring resume back to normal.


This phase will occur when our Harris County threat level has reduced to Level 4 (Green).