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Spring into Action and Get Organized!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Did you know that a disorganized room or binders can distract you, cause anxiety, and affect your sleep?! Just yesterday, in a meeting, Zoe said it bothers her when the study lounge chairs are untucked (obviously without students in them ;). There is a science behind this: the amount of “stuff” in our environment can influence our brain and body. It can make our amygdala go into fight-or-flight mode and release cortisol, the stress hormone. Research even shows that we are fitter and healthier when we have a tidy house. But how can we address the chaos?

We don’t want more anxious children or, worse, stressed adults dealing with anxious, amygdala-induced children. I know it is easier said than done; I read Marie Kondo and have watched her Netflix special; I know how, but it doesn’t mean I do it. Heck! She even admitted she can no longer keep up since having kids!

Like anything, it is more than knowing how; you need to schedule the when. So, this spring, schedule a time to use some of the five tips in our newsletter to get organized for yourself and your children. Remember, however, when you do it for them, you rob them of the opportunity to build the neural pathway for them to build the habit and learn to do it on their own. Believe me; it is SO MUCH EASIER to do it for them. I get so frustrated when going through old toys or clothes. My little humans never want to get rid of anything, even that three-legged dinosaur that hasn’t been used in five years.

Working with students over the years, I see this a lot with their previous schoolwork. They don’t want to let it go even though the exam is over, or the school year ends. There is hope though! Following this version of Marie Kondo has worked for us:

Tip of Week:

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