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How to Calm the Brain

Are you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or just plain bored? Your brain may be in survival mode, hindering your ability to learn. Let's change that!

Step 1: Recognize the threat: Are you frustrated, bored, hungry, thirsty, tired, or unsafe? There are three main reasons why your brain will be in threat mode.

Step 2: Identify the threat type:

  • Basic Need? Fix it! Have water and snacks available and get in a good sleep routine.

  • Frustration? Is it rumination or irritation? Try saying the ABCs backward or finding dopamine-boosting activities.

  • Boredom? Make the material relatable, give choices, and present the material in exciting ways.

Step 3: Track what works: Teach your students to manage and own the threats. Practice together. You can boost your brain, and they can too!

Quick Tips:

  • Ensure basic needs are met.

  • Encourage water bottles for stress reduction.

  • Minimize phone distractions.

  • Recognize and manage different types of frustration.

Let's unlock your brain's potential. Happy learning!

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