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Middle School


Brain- Based Writing Practices

Students will participate in brain-based writing and grammar strategies that take them though the writing process: pre-writing through publishing. Throughout the course, students will receive valuable feedback from the instructor and peers. They will leave the course ready to tackle all writing assignments in middle school! 

July 31- August 3 from 9-11am

Ages: 5-8th Grade

Cost: $300/ Week

Game Strategy Plan

Back to Middle school Bootcamps

One hour, one time!

Get Organized

August 20th from 1-2pm 


Get Planning 

August 20th from 2-3pm 


Note Taking 

August 20th from 3-4pm 

Brain-Friendly Study Strategies

August 20th from 4-5pm

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Welcome to Middle School! 

This course is designed to prepare incoming middle schoolers for the upcoming school year. This course will offer practical skills to set a successful foundation for students’ middle school. Students will learn how to set goals, and practice other skills needed to succeed in the middle school!

August 7-10 


Ages: Entering Middle School

Cost: $250/ Week

Students Taking Exams

ISEE Strategy Course

This 8 hour course is an introduction into our proprietary ISEE Strategy content, introducing students to the structure of the test and teaching them strategies for how to approach each section. 


July 31- August 3rd


Ages: Entering 8th Grade

Cost: $600/ Week

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