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Summer Camps

Elementary and Middle School Offerings


Shark Tank-

The Power of Persuasion

Creativity is a crucial part of being a child! In this class, students will create a product/ idea to market to the class. Students will work on public speaking skills, as well as hone in on their creativity. 


June 6-9th 

1-4 pm

Ages: 4-7th Grade 

Cost: $300/ Week


Brain- Based Writing Practices

Students will participate in brain-based writing and grammar strategies that take them though the writing process: pre-writing through publishing. Throughout the course, students will receive valuable feedback from the instructor and peers. They will leave the course ready to tackle all writing assignments in middle school! 

July 11-14th 

9-12 pm

Ages: 5-8th Grade

Cost: $300/ Week



to Learn

Build effective study and self-regulation habits applicable to any course that will benefit

your student forever.

July 25-28th 

1-4 pm

Ages: 5-8th Grade

Cost: $300/ Week

Image by Artem Maltsev

Independent School of witchcraft and wizardry

Have a future witch or wizard in the family? Students will incorporate ELA and math skills for the week at Hogwarts School of Academic Independence! Students will put their magic to the test by learning to create potions and more!

June 13-16th 

9-12 pm

Ages: 2- 5th  Grade 

Cost: $300/ Week

Math Formulas

Escape the

Math Room

Math based escape rooms for middle schoolers. Can you crack the code? 

Students will learn to love math through play and competitions! Problems will get progressively harder through the week, while students learn new skills!

July 18-21st 

9-12 pm

Ages: 5-7th Grade

Cost: $300/ Week


Middle School 

Book Clubs

Does your student need help completing their summer reading? Academic Independence has put together some middle school book clubs to help students get the most out of their book! 

Weekly in July

Ages: 5-8th Grade

Cost: $300/ Month


Science Explosions and experiments

Do you want to foster the love of science in your child! Student will learn states and properties of matter, elements, compounds, and many more! Students explore science through controlled experiments like rocket launches and explosions. 


June 27-30th 

9-12 pm

Ages: 5-7 Grade

Cost: $300/ Week


Escape the Classroom

Let your student escape all the rooms in school in this 4-day escape series. Each day is dedicated to a subject. Solve mysteries and read carefully or you will miss the clues.

July 25-28th 

9-12 pm

Ages: Students entering Middle School

Cost: $300/ Week

Back to School

Middle School 


1x for 1 hour

Aug 29| Get Organized | 4:30-5:30pm

Aug 30| Get Planning | 4:30-5:30pm

Aug 31| Note Taking | 4:30-5:30pm

Sept 1| Brain Friendly Learning Strategies | 4:30-5:30pm

Ages: 5-8th Grade

Cost: $75/ Class

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