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School Year Courses

Middle School and High School Offerings

High School Friends
High School Friends

Executive Functioning
Group Course

Don't go at it alone!


Join our course to help students master all the skills needed to succeed in high school. This course will follow the students throughout the first semester of school, introducing new strategies and applying skills to current content with built-in peer support. The class will form small groups to hold each other accountable and encourage positive progress. From using a syllabus to mid-terms, students will easily navigate high school with their new toolbox!

Sundays from 6-7pm 

blue and green peacock

Weekly Organization Groups 

Build effective study and self-regulation habits applicable to any course that will benefit your student forever.

Middle School: 

Sundays from 3-4pm 

Ages: 5-8 Grade

High School: 
Sundays from 5-6pm 

Ages: 9-12th Grade 

Chemistry Class

10th Grade Groups 

Implement and integrate content skills in our 10th grade study groups! 


Chemistry Study Group 

Sundays from 3-4pm 

Algebra 2 Study Group

Sundays from 5-6pm 

Algebra 2 Honors Group

Sundays from 6-7pm

Writing with Pen

Weekly Middle School Groups 

These groups were created to go over a variety of subjects for each grade.

6th Grade Content Group

Sundays from 4-5pm 

7th Grade Content Group

Sundays from 5-6pm 

8th Grade Content Group

Mondays from 5-6pm


11th Grade Groups

Implement and integrate content skills in our 11th grade study groups! 

ACT Small Group 

Sundays from 3-4pm 

Physics and Precal 

Sundays from 4-5pm 


9th Grade Study Groups

A must-have for students who need a little additional help entering 

Geometry Study Group 

Sundays from 2-3pm 

Biology Study Group

Sundays from 4-5pm 

Biology Honors Group 

Sundays from 5-6pm

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