Accountability Tutoring

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Academic Independence is excited to announce our new service-  accountability tutoring!


This service was designed for students who have completed study skills coaching classes, boot camps, or study skills classes.


During the previous classes, students developed the strategies and habits needed to be self-regulated learners, and accountability tutoring will help them take their journey to academic independence to the next level.


Check out the service highlights below: 

  • Review the SRL strategies and habits developed from previous classes

  • Be held accountable to incorporate the GAME cycle on a daily basis

  • Track progress and study strategies in GAME Plan 

  • Learn new study strategies 

  • Create a finals study binder 

  • Work collaboratively with classmates and tutors 

The program will start with an hour-long session to review new scorecard results and create a plan for the semester. Moving forward, sessions will only be 15-30 minute check-ins. If you are interested in your student continuing to hold themselves accountable to the SRL cycle.